Favorites – Writing Life Blogs

I follow a lot of blogs. Probably not as many as some and probably more than others. I follow 83 blogs. Not every one has a post every day which is good cause I wouldn’t be able to keep up if they did. Some are review blogs, but not many, and not for the reviews but mainly for the book recommendations or discussions for/about readers. There are a few author blogs too, but again, not many. And a couple of BDSM blogs, as well.

My preferences are craft blogs and blogs about the industry, social media, branding, even blogging. These teach me something, give me things to put into effect, things to try. I like that.

With today’s Favorites post, I thought I’d share with you a few of the blogs I enjoy the most…

1. Justine Musk/because you’re a creative badass

2. Warrior Writers, Kristen Lamb’s Blog

3. Writer Unboxed

4. Write It Forward, Bob Mayer’s Blog

5. Julie’s Journal

6. Social Mouths

I learn something everyday when I read them. I learn things about myself, about writing, about the business, about social media. Like I said, I love to learn, to try and improve the way I think, the was I approach my career as an author.

I also follow well over 100 food/organizational/home blogs… But that’s another story all together. LOL…

Do you have favorite blogs? They don’t have to be writing craft blogs, they can be about anything, but I’d like to know at least one blog that you, dear reader, follow and would recommend.


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