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On my 40th birthday I wasn’t expecting great things. No surprise party, no big gifts. See, my husband had accepted a job in the Yukon, and he’d already moved north a couple months earlier to begin, leaving me with the kidlets to pack, sell the house—you know, the fun stuff.

Well, he was having a blast as well. Not only starting a new job, but he had to find a house for us, which he did in a most timely fashion. Everything was finally packed, the new house ready for our arrival…

Hubby flew back to meet us, we loaded ourselves into the truck and headed out. We took nearly a week to do the 2000Km / 1300 mile trip, and landed in Whitehorse on my birthday.

And couldn’t get into the house. There was a passcode lock on the garage that he knew the combination to. It had worked before he left Whitehorse. So there we sat, in the driveway of our new home. March 2nd, snow piled as high as the roof of our truck.

No way into the house.

Turns out there was an oops in the electric bookings—and someone had accidentally shut off the power, meaning of course the electrical passcode lock wouldn’t work. A locksmith, and a few phone calls to the power company later, I got the biggest birthday gift I’ve ever received.

Happy Birthday, Lissa. I hope yours is at least as memorable, if not as exciting. 😀

My February release from Samhain, TURN IT UP, also starts with a birthday story. Tasha has just finished tying one on a little too hard—her last hurrah before planning on getting pregnant. She hadn’t intended to let Maxwell know her plans, but somehow the information snuck out. One too many can do that to you—

I invite you to take a peek- first chapter is up on my website, and in honour of Lissa’s birthday, I’m going to give away a copy of book 1 in the series. I’ll let Lissa decide who gets the present of a copy of your choice of ebook format of TURN T ON.


FEBRUARY 8, 2011

She wants it. He’s got it…and a whole lot more

Turner Twins, Book Two

Maxwell Turner considers his stubborn and resourceful attitude a plus. After all, it usually gets him what he wants—except for Natasha Bellingham. The long-time family friend may be ten years older than he, but so what? He’s plenty old enough to know they belong together. Now all he has to do is convince her.

Over the past few years Natasha’s love life has degenerated into a series of bad clichés. Her biological clock is ticking—loudly. As a proven architect with her own house-design company, she’s financially ready for a baby. Who says she needs a permanent man in her life for that? She just needs a “donation”.

When Max discovers Natasha’s future plans include artificial insemination, he’s outraged. She wants to get pregnant? No problem. He’s more than willing to volunteer—no turkey basters involved .

But there’s one non-negotiable clause: He wants forever. And he intends to do everything in his power—fair and unfair—to make it happen.

Warning: This title contains one younger man ready, aimed and hell bent on giving one woman everything she wants. Includes interludes against the wall, in a Jacuzzi, on a car hood and even—shockingly enough—on a bed or two. Oh, and about that porch swing? Yup…

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