Guess What, Y’all?

Yesterday, Bethany, my editor with Samhain Publishing, offered yours truly a contract for Cowboy Justin, his girl Ella, and their book, Twisted Up.

The earliest the book will come out is December, thought it may even be January. I’ll let y’all know when I know. I have also turned in the partial of Forever in Blue Jeans, Blue Jeans and Hard Hats, Book 3. We’ll see how she likes what I’ve got so far and if she’s interested.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say I’ve got anything new coming, but WOOT! I’ve got new stuff coming! I’m still working on the book that I will be self publishing this summer, Trouble In The Making. I will also be turning Masked, my free read, into a longer work (though not by much) and self-publishing it. After I finish Forever in Blue Jeans and Trouble In The Making, I’ll be getting back to work on Drive Shaft (Alli’s book from Stick Shift) and Too Bad (Jackie and Mac’s book from Ink Spots).

I’m working on a lot of stuff so just bear with me. It’s been a lean year for us, I know, but there will be a few things this year and then next year will be full!

Thank you to all my readers that have been so very supportive and unwavering in your loyalty. Thank you to those of you that have sent me wonderful and encouraging emails, even if some threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t get another book out. Grins… I love all of you more than I can say.(Just imagine the release party we’ll be having for Twisted Up!)

Back to work now…


The End … Sorta


*throws confetti, releases balloons, etc…, etc…*

Okay, so for those of you that follow my writing, you know I’ve struggled for months now with it. I’ve even gone to some very awesome authors for advice, tips, venting, crying, begging, etc… for help. I’ve gotten some. I’ve tossed some. I’ve found something that works for me because honestly, what I was doing before, wasn’t working this time.

As of the writing of this blog at 10:09PM on Wednesday night, I have finished writing Twisted Up. Sorta.

What does sorta mean? Well … It means I still have the following things to do to it:

1. write an epilogue

2. write the scene in the middle with the rope, spanking, and Hitachi wand

3. revise portions of the plot

Those things should be taken care of tomorrow and Friday, but the important thing here is, is that it’s FINISHED. Sorta.


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