Birthday Bash – Cari Quinn

Now, Miss Cari took a different approach here and decided to talk about naughty stuff, which as all of you know, I am more than happy to discuss…grins

First of all, I’d like to wish my friend Lissa a very happy birthday and thank her for inviting me to be part of her birthday celebration. She’s an amazing writer and a great person to boot. 🙂 Lissa will be giving away an ebook copy of my new Ellora’s Cave Quickie, Reveal Me, to a commenter during her prize giveaway.

Birthdays are so much fun. Sure, sometimes they cause you to reflect and think about things you wish you had accomplished in the past year. The good thing is you keep having them, which gives you a whole new year to start fresh.
My favorite birthday memory goes way back to when I was six. I’m a near-Christmas baby and every year when I was little, I’d take an afternoon nap and wake up to find the house all decorated like magic. I remember feeling so special that year when I woke up to see the tree, maybe because I was starting to understand a bit more about what Christmas meant. To this day, that hopeful, happy day is my favorite birthday.

Do you like to watch?

Which brings me to the other topic of my post: voyeurism. While I wouldn’t call myself a voyeur in the strictest sense, I admit that the idea of watching people explore each other sexually is a turn-on. Though I’m a tad too shy to visit a voyeurism club in real life, I did the next best thing. I created a fictional voyeurism club called Kink and wrote about some of the people who would visit such a club and why. Not all of the characters whose stories I intend to tell like voyeurism. Some haven’t experienced it yet, and some don’t get off on it. I wanted to tell their stories too, and how Kink is a catalyst for changes in their relationships. Or in some cases, the reason they find a relationship in the first place.

Reveal Me is about Alana and Carter, former high school classmates with a charged past. Carter fell for Alana way back when but she couldn’t see past his geeky exterior to the decent guy beneath. Neither one of them was prepared to revisit that past until they bumped into each other at Kink.

Carter’s not into voyeurism at all. He’d rather be with the girl of his fantasies in private, but he has to reconcile his own desires with those of Alana, who loves the spotlight at all times, including when she’s having sex. They’re a fun couple who have their issues to work out and their story is pretty hot too.

Next up in the series is the story of Kelly, Alana’s best friend, and the guy she “meets” at Kink. Except she already knows her hero pretty well, and she never expects to run into him at a voyeurism club. She also never expects to discover she enjoys voyeurism herself. This story is with my editor right now. Fingers crossed she likes it!

Other upcoming books in the series (I hope!) include a cougar menage (older woman, two younger guys) and a story about a woman who uses Kink to help get over a traumatic sexual event in her past.

Now it’s your turn. How do you feel about a voyeurism club? Is it something you’d like to check out or would you prefer to keep your voyeurism explorations between the pages of a book? Or is it not your kind of thing at all? I’m looking forward to your responses!

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