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At-Drogan's-Command_SelenaIllyria_200x300Creating Captain Drogan Carter

The first thing that struck me about Drogan were his braids. Long, dark brown braids, totally not military regulation, but then again this is Sci-Fi and future. The next thing that hit me was the small tattoo of a skull and cross bones behind his ear. Next were his eyes; intense, blue and determined. Captain Drogan Carter was commanding, caring, not above being an ass but also not above being sneaky. When putting together Drogan’s character I drew on two characters that stood out in my mind:

Tyr Anaszi (Played by Keith Hamilton Cobb on TV Series Andromeda)- The character was magnetic, mysterious, flirtatious and over all sexy as sin! He could be distant and a jerk but can be loyal and intense.

Captain Jack Sparrow- From him I drew on the idea of Drogan’s family having a history with pirates.

After I had my two main inspirations Drogan began to form in my mind as someone who cared a lot about his crew and respected each and every one of their abilities. He wants what is best for them in the end and No One, and I mean No One takes his crew without a fight. As a lover he likes to be in charge, take control and use his abilities to pleasure his partner. Giving her what she wants is important to him, it adds to the sexual atmosphere and increases the connection between them.

When it comes to seducing a lover he has to have a plan in place depending on the woman and what he wants to get out of the deal. Fleeting sexual encounters still need some sort of outline to him. A vague goal that’s to their mutual benefit. But when it comes to Rena, the object of his desire and admiration he knew he needed a different approach. Not only did he knew what she desired in the bedroom but Rena wasn’t just any woman, she was his assistant, his friend and his colleague. She wasn’t some nameless bed partner, he cared about her in every aspect of her life.

He couldn’t just seduce her. Regs forbid a relationship between ranking officers. Since he’s her Captain (the boss), she’s off limits to him. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting and needing her. Once he discovers her sexy little secrets it’s game on for him. As hurtful as the plan he formed to seduce her could be he knew that in the end he couldn’t go on denying his attraction to her any longer. So he used his sneaky side to win her over, much to Rena’s annoyance.

In the first edition of this book Rena was more forgiving of Drogan’s antics but with this re-release I knew I couldn’t just let it all end happily. Drogan’ needed to pay for his sneakiness. Knowing the man I knew Drogan to be he would accept that fate so long as it meant having Rena by his side. Also, in this new revised edition the tension between the characters had to increase. I had to find new traits in Drogan I hadn’t seen the first time around. I knew that Drogan was commanding but he had to be a hard ass at times, he was the Captain after all. In discovering this new facet of his character I rediscovered why I adored Drogan to begin with. Despite his flaws he does have a big heart and when he loves, he loves fully.

Creating the Drogan character was both fun and reminded of why I love this series.

Excerpt Rating (PG-13),

Out Now!

Series: Hades Helmet Crew

Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic, Paranormal, Interracial, BDSM

ISBN: 9781940223391



He commands her body…but can he win her heart?

Who knew one little disc could cause so much trouble? Certainly not Rena, until the disc in question—the one in which she lives out every sexual fantasy she’s ever had, including a few inspired by her crush, Captain Drogan Carter—falls into the wrong hands. Drogan’s.

Rena is desperate to get it back—she can’t let him know all her darkest, dirtiest secrets…

When Drogan finds the disc and watches the very private contents, his first feeling is guilt. But that guilt soon turns to a raw, sexual need to have the wanton, carefree Rena in his bed. He knows she’ll never come to him willingly, but once he gets her, he’ll have plenty of time to win her over, and to prove to her that reality can be so much better than fantasy. But first he needs a plan, a way to get her right where he wants her: at his command.

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“Looking for this?”

She stilled and prayed that it was not the captain’s voice that had uttered those words. She hoped that in her panic she was hearing things, that her paranoia and anger were causing her to lose her mind.

“I believe you were in a similar position on the disc, only naked,” Drogan murmured in that rough and husky tone he had.

She bit her lip to keep from groaning aloud. Her nipples peaked and moisture gathered within her. Her labia flooded with heat and her clit thickened. Her vaginal walls fluttered. Not now, she admonished herself. But she was powerless to stop the effects on her body.

Slowly, she wiggled out from under the bed. She was on her knees, about to stand up, when she saw him shake his head, his tiny, dark brown braids swinging this way and that.

“Don’t move. Stay just like that,” he ordered.

Her eyes widened and she swallowed. Was he going to call security? Have her arrested? Panic started to overwhelm her. She couldn’t get arrested. Rena needed to find a new job. She couldn’t do that if she was booked as a criminal. She would do anything he wanted just as long as he didn’t call security. Anger mingled with her desire.

“Captain, sir, please, I’ll leave. Just don’t call security. Please, I’m begging you. If I’m arrested I won’t be able to get another job. I need to work.” As much as she hated to grovel, it was the only way to get out of this unscathed. She balled her hands into fists.

She knew Drogan was wealthy. He never had to worry about having a job. He could quit today and live off his inheritance. Some said it was due to his family’s history of piracy. Looking at him now, he looked every inch the pirate, and she felt like his captive, utterly at his mercy.

“Mmm, I always loved it when you called me ‘Captain, sir,’ in that sweet voice of yours.” His tone went lower, deeper, rougher.

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