How about a snippet from next month’s release, The Billionaire’s Assistant? The cover will be coming soon and it’s going to be incredible. This billionaire book isn’t going to be your typical billionaire book. I’ve put my own spin on it. But you’ll love it…


Cherry Stevens looked up from her phone when the door opened. A gust of cold air rushed in accompanied by…the man she’d screwed like a horny bunny last night. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me,” she muttered to herself.
Of all the coffee shops in Atlanta, he had to walk into the one she was meeting a perspective client at? Why was all her luck lately turning to shit? Everything she touched turned to ash. Every new thing she tried ended up falling apart. Now, this?

Maybe, just maybe, if she turned away quick enough, he wouldn’t see her.

Too late.

He caught her staring.

The stunned look on his face said louder than words that he recognized her too. She offered a weak smile, completely uncertain what else to do. One night stands weren’t her forte. He was her exception, her incredibly hot and sexy exception. He was most definitely not her rule.

He turned his head away to order his drink, but kept his body angled in her direction. If he came over, what was she supposed to say? They hadn’t even exchanged names. Nothing was swapped between them, but a little spit during kisses and quite a few groans and a hell of a lot of cursing.

She forced her attention back to her phone and resumed her reading of the Hollywood gossip pages. She was a sucker for a perfectly happy, megastar couple biting the dust story. She —


Cherry glanced into brilliant blue bedroom eyes. God, what she wouldn’t give… “Hi.”

Of all the bars, again, in all of Atlanta, he’d been stood up in the same one as hers. He’d been in nice slacks, a nice shirt, and he’d been the hottest man there. The rumpled-just-got-out-of-bed hair and glasses hadn’t hurt either.

In a business suit that cost more than her monthly rent, he was even hotter, more breathtaking. How was that even possible?

“Strange coincidence.”

Normally, she didn’t believe in coincidence, but she couldn’t deny this had to be one. There was no other explanation. “Very.”

“I’m meeting someone,” he offered casually.

A boulder settled in the pit of her stomach. Fate couldn’t, wouldn’t be that cruel, right? “You are?”

“Yes. I don’t want you thinking I’m following you.”

“Never crossed my mind.” But if he wanted to follow her home and have a do over, she’d be fine with that. He was a beautiful man and an incredible lover. However, the reality was that he way out of her league for anything more than a one night stand. “I’m meeting someone too.”

“Business or pleasure?” The second the words were out of his mouth and before she could answer, he shook his head. “Nevermind.”

Cherry waved his cover up away. “It’s fine. Business. My meeting is business.”

He nodded. “Mine, too.”

Another boulder settled next to the first. “You’re not by any chance Royce Williams, are you?” Please, please, please say no.

“I am.” His eyes widened. “You’re Cherry Stevens?”

Fate was a cold, calculating bitch. “I am. Please, have seat.” She indicated the chair across from her with a hand gesture.

“I have to admit,” he started, after taking a long swallow of his coffee, “Hell, I don’t know what to say, honestly. This is…” He shook his head, a rueful smile playing at his lips.

“Awkward?” she added.


She set her phone to the side and twined her fingers in her lap under the table. Business meetings never made her nervous. If anything, she knew how to handle business, how to handle her business. Handling personal was always a challenge with the opposite sex for her though, especially once she’d slept with someone.

Mixing business with pleasure was something she’d never done, on purpose or by accident.

Until now.

She met his gaze head on. “If you would like to seek out a different company to handle you and your needs, I wouldn’t blame you. In fact, I would completely understand.”

“Never had this happen before?”

She blushed and shook her head. “Things like last night… That was out of character for me.”

Royce smiled. “I wish I could say the same. Things like last night have become, while not the norm, have become more frequent in the last couple of years.”

And that made her feel…? What? Awful? Meaningless? Dumb? She didn’t even know.

She wanted to ask why nights of anonymous sex had become more frequent for him. It wasn’t important, not from a business perspective. Was it? Would it keep her from being able to help him? Would it keep her from being able to assist him?

“I’m sorry,” he said softly, leaning forward. “That was cold of me.”

“You don’t owe me any explanations.”

“I do.”

The cardboard coffee cup made little sound when he set it on the wood surface of the table separating them. Cherry liked his hands. His fingers were long and his nails were tapered and cut short. There had been a few rough edges along his palm and the pads of his fingers, like he did some sort of manual labor with them, but nothing like that was listed in his file.

He’d gripped her hips tight, digging into her flesh as he’d thrust into her from behind. The bed had cushioned her in luxury she wasn’t used to and his body had blanketed her. His lips, the ones currently pulled at the corners in a frown had been tender, soft, against her shoulder, her neck, but when meeting her lips, had been rough and hungry. She’d welcomed the contrasts in him, answering each push with a pull, each bite with a moan, each grunt with a sigh.
When she looked at him, she couldn’t get last night out of her mind, which, if she were truthful with herself, wasn’t any different than not looking at him. The events in the expensive hotel room were firmly etched on her brain and in every move of her body.

There was no way around it. She wanted him again.

End Snippet

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