LissaLogoYellow_reasonably_smallI’m sorry to be late today with this. I’ve been working hard to get The Cupcake Cowboy ready for release.

But, thanksfulness. Thanksgiving is next week and there’s much to be thankful for. This one will seem frivolous given everything that is going on in the world and in our own country…

Music. I love music. I grew up listening to it, spent all of my school years playing it (flute). When I wasn’t working, I spent my high school nights going to rock concerts. Music feeds my soul, comforts me, helps me through the rough times, gives me a high when there’s celebrating to do. I couldn’t live without music anymore than I could live without air.

Baking and Cooking. I love to do both. I love the creativity, the end result, the smile on my family’s faces, the warmth I get feeding those I care for, giving treats. It’s not always about nourishment. It’s sometimes just about giving from the heart.

Movies. There are some I can get lost in, that are warm and comfortable. Some with meaning, some not. They, like music at times, can feed the soul, give a smile to a rotten day, help with a broken heart, make me not so alone, inspire.

Sports. My son is a huge sports fan. Racing was his first sports love and he’s grown to incorporate football, baseball, golf, and basketball. He’s loves learning about sports and those who play them. My husband, I think, passed that love down. Especially for the play beyond the score, the business side, the numbers side. Because of sports, my son and I have things to talk about. I am thankful for my own interest in sports because it’s something that connects me to him.

Our cats. We have 7 of them. One we adopted from a shelter. One was saved by my sister and given to us. One was found abandoned in our bushes when he was 3 days old. And 4 were a mama cat and her babies. The mama had been put outside and left behind when her owners moved. She wasn’t used to it and took up residence under the gazebo of the house she’d lived in. She brought her babies to our house, 5 doors down, after getting to know my daughter. We call her the cat whisperer. We’ve raised them, kept them, sheltered them, fed them, loved them. Our carpet is a mess, torn in places where they claw. There’s always cat hair and I vacuum every other day. They are expensive and they are annoying at times, but I wouldn’t trade these animals for anything. They are alive and need love. They have given my daughter more smiles than I can count and comfort. They adopted us, all 7 of them. They trusted us to take care of them.

The Blue Ridge Mountains. Odd, huh? They are one of my very favorite places to visit. they bring me peace, just standing and looking out at them. The quiet of a cabin in the woods. The quaintness of a small mountain towns. The beauty of nature all around. I go there and I can breathe again. I can think. I can feel the stress and weight of everything fall away. I can see clearly again.

These are all things that touch me, that are part of what make me, me. What are some of those things for you?


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