I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to this chosen profession. This journey began for me in January two years ago with a gentle nudge from Eliza Gayle. She urged me to enter the Cobblestone Press contest for their Wicked line. I did and was chosen as a finalist which resulted in my receiving my first contract.

From there, I met some other amazing authors. Moira Rogers. Dee Carney. Moira Reid. Leila Brown. Selena Blake. Layla Aaron. And L. Shannon.

A lot of us used to word war together, used to talk a lot about what we were doing, where we wanted to go, celebrating success, commiserating over rejections and disappointments. I really appreciated those women and their support. I still do. I still think very highly of them and wish for them all the best.

I am lucky to still be close to a few of them and able to watch from the sidelines as the others achieve awesome success. I owe a lot to that group I met at Cobblestone Press. I wouldn’t be where I am without their early encouragement and support and the introduction of word wars.

So, thank you Bree and Donna (Moira Rogers), Dee, Moira Reid, Selena, L. Shannon, Leila, Layla.

I also met Amie Stuart around the same time. We became friends over the last year and I have to say, I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s made me laugh until I cried, usually over the antics of kids. She’s listened and given advice when I’ve asked for it about submissions, agents, and NY. She’s also been a tremendous source of support and in this business, I’ve found that friends like that can’t be taken for granted.

There’s a lot of luck associated with this business. Sometimes it’s who you know. Sometimes it’s that your manuscript ended up in the slush pile at just the right time. It can be luck of the draw at any given publisher or agent or editor. And it can be that there’s so much talent in our little toes that we can’t help but be offered contract after contract after contract. LOL… I know some of what I’ve achieved is by sheer luck. I work hard on my writing. I have a friend that calls me the hardest working writer he knows, but there’s some small measure of blessing or luck or falling stardust or something…there has to be. And if there isn’t, well, that is luck itself.

I can’t begin to list or thank all the people that I have met since that first group (though a few are Samantha Kane, Mari Freeman, Talya Bosco, Selena Illyria).  I have learned a lot. I have made a ton of mistakes, missteps, said things I shouldn’t have, done things I shouldn’t have. I’ve overstepped, asked inappropriate questions, and at times have stalked (with her permission) Eden Bradley. And yes, I have a crush on Eden. She knows this and is okay with it!!!! Grins…

Two years after that first foray into the eBook world, I have books published with Phaze Books, Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, and now, as of today, Loose Id. I don’t have many books out, but have hopes for many more in the future. Whatever it was that made my editor curious about my books enough to contract then, I am very grateful and many times humbled and speechless that they have found my writing worthy of their publisher. In a previous post, I have thanked my editors, so I will leave it at that.

I try not to take for granted the people I have met, the people that have helped me, the people that have lent a supportive ear, an encouraging word, or that have let me throw a tantrum and still liked me afterward. I have done my fair share of dumbass things in the last couple years with regards to this business. I have also moved forward, careful not to make the same mistakes.

Again, thank you. You are all very special and important people to me for the roles you have played in helping me achieve my dreams.


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