*throws confetti, releases balloons, etc…, etc…*

Okay, so for those of you that follow my writing, you know I’ve struggled for months now with it. I’ve even gone to some very awesome authors for advice, tips, venting, crying, begging, etc… for help. I’ve gotten some. I’ve tossed some. I’ve found something that works for me because honestly, what I was doing before, wasn’t working this time.

As of the writing of this blog at 10:09PM on Wednesday night, I have finished writing Twisted Up. Sorta.

What does sorta mean? Well … It means I still have the following things to do to it:

1. write an epilogue

2. write the scene in the middle with the rope, spanking, and Hitachi wand

3. revise portions of the plot

Those things should be taken care of tomorrow and Friday, but the important thing here is, is that it’s FINISHED. Sorta.


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