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Sam has an amazing…AMAZING series at Ellora’s Cave called Brothers In Arms! Menage. Historical. Delicious! If you haven’t checked out this series before, you need to get started on it! You’ll love it, I promise!

Genre: GLBT Menage
Length: Novel
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Brothers in Arms, Book Six

Gregory Anderson has reluctantly returned to England in 1817 after more than seven years sailing the world. Half Polynesian, Gregory is caught between two worlds. He isn’t looking for love. He’s only looking for a warm body with a modicum of wit and reasonable intelligence to help him get through the few short months he’ll be in England.

Nat and Alecia Digby’s marriage, arranged when they were young and foolish, was almost ruined before it began when they both took lovers. They don’t want to give up the erotic games they learned to play and enjoy, but they won’t risk their marriage again by falling in love with someone else.

When the three meet, they think it will be nothing more than a night or two of shared pleasure and erotic thrills. But the unthinkable happens, because love refuses to be forced into exile.


Nat stood frozen. Palu had elaborate drawings covering his upper right arm and shoulder. It was a complicated design of black swirls and patterns of dots and lines with a heavy black band perhaps two inches thick drawn around his biceps. As he watched Palu flexed his arm and the muscle bulged, tightening the band and giving the illusion that the swirls moved along his arm. The upper portion of the design ran over his shoulder onto his chest. Suddenly Nat knew what it was.

“I’ve read about this,” he said in wonder, reaching out to Palu’s arm. He hesitated and Palu moved his arm, indicating that Nat could touch it. When he did he expected to be able to feel the design, but he couldn’t. The skin was as smooth and hot as the rest of Palu. “It’s tatau.”

“Yes,” Palu said, and Nat sensed rather than heard his wariness. “It is /tatatau/ in my mother’s world, /moko/ to others.”

Alecia was running her hands over Palu’s arm, her delight evident. “It’s beautiful, Palu,” she exclaimed. “Is it a drawing?”

“Yes and no,” Palu said, relaxing under Alecia’s hands. “It is native ink made in the islands just for this purpose. They cut the skin with a small comb or chisel and rub the ink into it to make a permanent mark.”

Alecia gasped. “But that must have been incredibly painful! It is beautiful, but it sounds so dangerous, Palu.”

Palu laughed and Nat felt a catch in his stomach that he decided to ignore. He was allowed to like Palu, to find him irresistible. It didn’t mean he was going to fall in love. Even if the tataus were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“They were incredibly painful, pretty Alecia. But they are important in the Pacific, among my mother’s people in The Friendly Islands. They prove that you are a man, that you can take the pain. If I had not gotten them, I would have been considered a coward.”

Nat couldn’t resist any longer. He leaned down and licked a path along one of the complicated swirls of the tatau.

“You like them?” Palu asked in a husky voice. It was Nat’s turn to laugh. “Like them? I plan to lick every inch of them.”

Palu grinned down at him. “Good. Because there are more.”

Alecia was shocked. She admitted it. She had never seen anything like it. Palu had the tatau on his arse. They’d stripped his pants off in record time when he told them he had more of the beautiful designs. But they hadn’t expected this.

“It looks like you’re wearing short pants,” she said in wonder. The tatau on his behind actually covered him all over from his waist to above his knees. The design was similar to the one on his arm, although it was heavier here, covering nearly every inch of skin.

“This is the traditional male tatatau in parts of the South Seas,” Palu explained. “I was afraid at first, and so got the one on my arm. But after surviving that, I decided to get this. I wasn’t accepted until I did.”

Alecia fell to her knees behind him to get a better look, and Nat joined her. Together they ran their hands over the beautiful black ink designs. Giant black swirls covered the cheeks of his buttocks and then ran up to his lower back and down onto his legs. Without any hesitation Alecia shoved at a leg, forcing Palu to widen his stance.

“They’re on the inside, too,” she gasped. She grasped his thigh in both hands, and then ran one up onto his firm, muscular bottom.

“That feels good,” Palu moaned.

Alecia looked over to see Nat licking a path across Palu’s other cheek, following a swirl. The sight was so arousing Alecia actually felt the moisture rush from her sex.

“Nat,” she whispered, mesmerized. Nat opened his eyes to look at her and then softly bit Palu’s cheek.

“Damn, yes,” Palu groaned.

Nat grinned and licked the place he had bitten, making Palu moan again.

“He’s rather noisy, isn’t he?” Nat asked Alecia, and there was something in his voice she’d rarely heard before when they were with someone else, something hot and intimate that they only shared with one another. Yet Alecia couldn’t mind it. She wanted to share that with Palu, too.

Alecia moved to Palu’s front, still on her knees. The tatau was on his stomach and hips and legs, and Alecia moaned when she saw that it covered his cock as well. And it was a fat, beautiful, full cock. His brown skin and the tatau made it appear purple with arousal, and Alecia could see a heavy vein pulsing along the underside. The head was as thick as the staff, weeping with desire, and suddenly all Alecia wanted to do in this life was take that cock in her mouth and taste it.

“His cock has it, too,” she told Nat in a trembling voice.

“Bloody fucking hell,” Nat groaned, and he crawled around to kneel next to Alecia. “Now that had to hurt,” Nat commented breathlessly.

Palu chuckled and he sounded as breathless as she and Nat. “Yes.” He reached down and gently tugged at Alecia’s hair, forcing her to look up at him. His dark eyes shone brightly, his cheeks were flushed, and he had a dimple in his cheek as he smiled sweetly at her. A dimple. Oh God, she was lost. “I want you to kiss it, pretty Alecia,” he whispered roughly. He closed his fist slowly in her hair and pulled her forward and up. With a glad cry, Alecia let him.

“Yes, Palu,” she agreed, trembling with anticipation. “Yes, I want to do that, too.”

The woman just writes HOT! 

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