I’ve read a few books recently. Trends in reading and trends in writing run parallel. What you’re buying and reading, drives what we’re writing.

One book I read was written by one of my favorite authors and it was awful. I was heartbroken. It was convoluted and confusing. I felt nothing at all for the characters. I usually devour her books. This one took me 5 days to finish.

I’m struggling in my reading. I’m struggling to understand the popular books. I’m struggling to understand the appeal of some. I’m struggling to find something that knocks me on my butt with awesomeness.

I read the reviews. I read the good and the bad. I read the comments in Facebook groups. And still…

I’ve read a couple first installments of serials. They end on cliffhangers and are supposed to make the reader antsy for the next installment. That didn’t happen for me. I don’t care what happens to the characters. And it bothers me. How can I care so little for characters that hundreds, thousands of other readers LOVE? I mean, this is nothing new for me. But, what am I missing? As a reader, someone who loves to read, why does this happen? These are bestselling serials and we know I already have issues with what’s popular. I never get the appeal. I’m expecting to be wow’d, you know? I’m open to being wow’d!!!! I’m expecting to find words so compelling that I fall in love with the characters, the voice, SOMETHING… And my expectations? They’re always dashed. Perhaps this is the problem. I don’t fall for the hype, but I fall for the ‘there’s got to be something magical to consume that many readers when in the end, it’s simply a book.

It’s never simply a book. I know. Because I know what goes into writing a book.

However, shouldn’t I still want to read more? They’re serials. They end with questions and lives hanging in the balance. Shouldn’t I care? I think the answer is yes. And maybe I just haven’t one that works for me, yet.

A friend recommended that I try this one, so, I will… (click on the cover if you want to know more about it).

Obsessed--200x300There are all kinds of books that are hot and trendy…

Motorcycle club books, for instance. I read one and didn’t care enough to read more of the series. Then there’s the cheating aspect of the books. I am uncomfortable with this. Other readers aren’t. But, for romance, I am.

EG_Innocence-BurnedWEB-200x300I did read Eliza Gayle‘s first foray into motorcycle clubs romance and am curious how she’ll continue with it. (click on cover for more info)

New Adult Dark Erotica. Not sure about some of these (not all are like this). I’ve read enough blurbs and samples… The violence that happens to young women in these books, women who are my daughter’s age… I’m still trying to wrap my head around these. Why the brutalization is so… I don’t even know the word for it. I know it’s fiction. I know it’s a product of an author’s imagination. Still… I love erotica. All sorts of erotica. I don’t even mind dubious consent. But something about the level of brutality in some of these books, the ‘damage’ that happens to these women…kidnapped, sold into sex slavery, beaten, raped… And many of these female characters are no older than my daughter.  I struggle with this.

Billionaires…I am working on one of these. It’ll be different than what’s already out there with billionaires, my own spin, but he’s a billionaire, nonetheless.

Step-siblings. I’m still wrapping my head around this one, too. I get the appeal, the mild taboo going on with it, but I’m still wrapping my head around the popularity of it. (click on the cover for more)


And all sorts of shifters… Especially in serials. I’m still trying… Trying, trying, trying… See, if I’m honest, while I haven’t found one that I am crazy about in regards to reading, I’d be curious if I could write one. I don’t know though.


What are you reading? What are your favorite books right now? What don’t I understand about the books that are popular? I like depth and being able to connect and feel something for the characters… And I rarely feel those things for the characters who are so beloved, for the book boyfriends, etc… So, what am I missing? Help me out here, readers! I’m listening…


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