On a podcast I listened to last week on Entrepreneur on Fire, Racheal Cook of The Yogipreneur talked a lot about mindfulness, slowing down, and how she built her business slowly by focusing on one thing at a time, being consistent, someone that could be trusted to do what she said she was going to do when she said she was going to do it. I truly love that concept.The host of Entrepreneur on Fire said… Follow One Course Until Success… FOCUS. This I loved as well. I took two pages of notes that day while listening to that podcast. It was enlightening, empowering, and I couldn’t wait to answer the questions they posed, figure out a plan, and start putting it into action.

I also have a new planner. It’s called Passion Planner. I love it. I’m also intimidated by it. Change intimidates me and I’m usually the last to embrace it. But, I’ve been using it, filling it slowly, figuring out how to get from one goal to the next without overwhelming myself. (Watched the creator’s video here)


As I looked back through my notes from the podcast, as I talked with my friend AJ from Blackraven’s Designs/Blackraven’s Reviews, as I talked with my friend Eliza Gayle about some things it was high time for me to grasp, as I watch and observe and soak in all I can in Facebook marketing groups, I’ve started making some changes. Small ones. Ones that I hope I can build on and create a business of my own design, that reflects me, that reflects my personality and my writing, one that brings me joy.

Change might scare me, but it also excites me and urges me forward.

And if you’re a regular reader of my blog, my books, and visitor to my website, you’ll no doubt have noticed some of those changes… I’ll be going into these and other things in future posts that will be aimed toward those who desire to self publish. I’m no expert, but I can pass knowledge along as I figure things out.

But as a reader of my books, what it means for you, is more books. More and more and more books.

So, stay tuned…



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