Happy Saturday!

Stick Shift received an awesome review from Whipped Cream. They don’t do stars or little girlie icons…nope they use whipped cream and top it with cherries. Buck and Caroline would love that! But, I’m sure Cam and Lily do, too, even though they didn’t engage in food play. He at least brought her cookies…that he made. Nice touch!

Anyway, Stick Shift is probably one of my very favorite books that I’ve written. It’s a book near and dear to me. Mainly because of my love of Nascar. It’s not a book about Nascar, but…it’s my own little world based on it. The relationship between Cam and Lily…I just love it.

Whipped Cream gave Stick Shift 4.5 Cherries out of 5! AWESOME!

This means that it’s up for book of the week! There are also a lot of other great books from great authors up for book of the week. Vote for your favorite!

And yes, I know I own y’all a special giveaway from last weekend. So far, I know it’ll be 3 copies of Stick Shift and 3 of something else that I’m still working on. It’s been a busy week.

My new website is finished and live. It has a built in blog and we will be moving over there as soon as I learn a little about plug-ins and widgets, etc… I don’t want to lose any of you as followers, so just stay tuned for the announcement!

My daughter aced her two end of course exams for Algebra and Biology this week and I couldn’t have been happier. She’s returning to home school though in the Fall for various reasons and all are her reasons, but I do support her in the decision.

So, I need to get moving! I am meeting a new friend today. He wants to pick my writing brain. I hope there’s something left for him after the writing I intend to do…

Go vote! And then go have a great day!


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