Craziness! That’s what this writing thing is! Craziness! I am in deadline Hell. Some self-imposed, some editor imposed, but definitely all my own doing. So, I am spending more time in the writing cave to meet the most urgent one by Sunday night.

My current projects include: Cracklin’ Rosie for Samhain, Arrested Holiday for Loose Id, X Marks the Spot for Ellora’s Cave, Trouble in the Making for Samhain, Moody Blue for Samhain, Cherry Chapstick for Ellora’s Cave, and Turn Two for Loose Id. There are various other projects under consideration, and brewing in the back of my mind. I usually work on a couple books at a time. It breaks things up for me and keeps everything fresh, so, don’t worry, I’m not writing all these at the same time…LOL. However, they are all started…

I appreciate that you all stick with me. As soon as I have the chance to play and explore my new website a little more, we will be moving over to that blog. I do hope you’ll all follow me there. I have yet to install the Friend thing with Google, but I will. I love my new site and want to use it more…use it at all really because I haven’t. I hope you all will enjoy it over there once I start getting things more and more situated and customized. If you haven’t been to my new website, please head over and visit… It’s stunning and spectacular. It was created for me by Emma Petersen from Designs by Emma. She did a brilliant job. I love looking at it.

In the meantime, I need to get back to work. Decker and Rosie are anxious to move on from the play in the park…*naughty grin*


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